FA Creates Step 5/6 Review Group

By Stevan Broadhurst

Plans for the future

The FA Leagues Committee has created a Step 5/6 Review Group to look at a possible restructure of the current Step 5/6 competitions.

The Group held their initial meeting on 9 June 2011 and made a number of recommendations to the Leagues Committee which met on 14 June. In addition a Timetable was agreed. The main issues are set out below:

• There was a commitment to restructure Steps 5/6.

• The aim of the restructure would be to reduce the current Step 5 leagues to 12 for Season 2013/14.

• After considering the current league structure across the whole country, it appeared that the South East corner required further consideration.

• There may be a requirement for clubs to be redistributed to Step 6 divisions.

• Clubs would be selected for the new divisions based on those meeting the Grading requirements for Step 5 together with the points gained per games played process.

• There needs to be consultation with the leagues and ultimately clubs.

• Consideration was given to whether each of the 12 Step 5 divisions should also operate a Step 6 division.

• Promotion/relegation to be discussed further.

• It was agreed that in order to move this matter forward that appropriate maps be provided for the next meeting.

A timetable for the process was agreed as follows:-

14 June 2011 - Leagues Committee agree the principles

15 July 2011 - Initial announcement to Steps 5/6 leagues of the proposed restructure

4 August 2011 - Steps 5/6 Review Group to meet

September 2011 - Consultation with Steps 5/6 leagues begins

October 2011 - Consultation with clubs at Steps 5/6 via regional meetings begins

December 2011 - Steps 5/6 Review Group to meet and consider feedback from regional meetings

March 2012 - Leagues Committee to approve details of the structure – leagues and clubs to be advised of the structure to be implemented from Season 2013/14

August 2012 to 31 March 2013 - Ground grading inspections to commence. The gradings to be carried out under the control of The FA. Clubs must fully comply with the requirements of Grade F by 31 March 2013. Consideration would also be given to the security of tenure and club structure

May 2013 - Detailed structure and clubs to be approved by the Leagues Committee – 12 divisions of 22 clubs

August 2013 - Season to commence


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