League Rules


7.1 On or before a date specified by the Company each year, every Club shall notify the Competition Secretary, in writing, of details of their first choice colours (shirts, shorts and socks) and such details shall be printed in the Handbook published by the Company for the ensuing Playing Season. The colours registered by each Club shall be worn during the following season when playing at home. Shirts must be numbered 1-16 or 1-17 where 13 is excluded) or such that the numbers can be clearly identified by officials and spectators. Striped, hooped or otherwise patterned shirts shall have numbers affixed to contrasting patches or numbers in a contrasting colour with bold outline. No changes to the first choice colours or combination of colours shall be permitted without the consent of the Board
7.2 When the registered colours of shirts shorts or socks of two competing Clubs are alike or similar the visiting Club shall change the relevant item to a colour which does not clash with the corresponding item of the home Club. Neck and cuff trim colours on shirts shall not be regarded as a basic colour for the purpose of this Rule.
Subject to the foregoing a Club may, if they wish, wear colours not registered with the Competition for away matches. It is the responsibility of the visiting Club, if they do not intend to play in their registered colours, to notify the home team and check that their colours will not clash.
7.3 The goalkeeper shall play in kit clearly distinguishable from the colours of the shirts worn by all other Players in the match and the Match Officials. The goalkeeper may not wear a black jersey or a predominantly black jersey in the Competition fixture.
The goalkeeper may wear tracksuit trousers acceptable to the Match Referee.
7.4 No Club shall be permitted to register or play in shirts the colour of which is likely to cause confusion with the outfits worn by the Match Officials (i.e. black or dark blue).
7.5 The Players’ shirts must be clearly numbered in accordance with the Team Sheet handed to the match referee before a match and there must be no change of numbers during the match except for a change of goalkeeper or if permitted by the match referee because of a blood injury.
7.6 The Captain shall wear a distinguishing armband [provided by the Competition] to indicate his status.
7.7 Both sleeves of the shirts of all Players in matches played under the jurisdiction of the Company shall carry a Competition logo as supplied by the Competition on an annual basis if so decided by the Board.
Shirt advertising must comply with FA Regulations.
7.8 The colours of clothing worn by ballboys/girls must not clash with the colours of either competing Club and the Match Officials.

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6. REGISTRATION OF PLAYERS 6. REGISTRATION OF PLAYERS 6.1 A Qualifying Player Registration The Football Association’s
8. PLAYING OF MATCHES. 8.PLAYING OF MATCHES. 8.1The Board shall fix the date on which the Playing Season shall commence.

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