League Rules


33.1 The Officers of the Competition shall be President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Referees’ Secretary, Assistant Referees Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Press Officer/Results Secretary and Registration Secretary, who shall not hold any position with a Member Club.
33.2 Three Members of the Board, to include either the Chairman or Secretary will constitute an Emergency Committee to deal with any matters of an Emergency nature. Details of the matters dealt with to be notified to the full Board and incorporated into the Competition’s minutes.
34. Each Club shall at all times comply with all reasonable requests by the Competition to ensure due compliance by the Competition with its commercial agreements and shall not enter into any new agreements with any direct competitor to the Competition’s title sponsor or any third party with whom the Competition has entered into a commercial agreement.

35. Each Club shall be obliged to utilise any match boards provided by the Competition’s sponsor and further shall be obliged to procure that any bench kit provided by a sponsor shall be worn during competitive and first team matches. In the event of any Club having an existing agreement with a competitor to the Competition’s sponsor in respect of match boards and bench kit, they should be entitled to honour that agreement but shall not renew the same.

36. Each Club shall permit photography, filming and audio and web broadcasting at their home ground to enable the Competition to comply with the terms of any Commercial Contract (as defined in the Articles), which may be entered into by the Company and will provide all necessary facilities as may reasonably be requested by the Competition or any broadcaster as may be nominated by the Competition.

37. Any distribution of any income received by the Company from any source whatsoever shall be entirely at the discretion of the Board.

38. The Company shall be entitled either directly or through its duly appointed agents to inspect the books, accounts and financial records of any Club and that Club shall make available to the Company all information as may be required from time to time in that respect.

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32. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 32.MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 32.1 The Competition shall be governed in accordance with the Rules and

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