League Rules


Competition matches shall NOT be played on any synthetic or artificial grass surfaces without the prior written approval of the Board.
Clubs must register their pitch dimensions with the Competition prior to the start of each season. It will be misconduct on the part of a Club to alter its pitch dimensions during a season unless with prior written consent of the Board. The Board may at any time require a Club, at its own cost, to submit a report from a qualified independent source certifying the pitch dimensions.
The Board may require a Club to take such steps as the Board shall specify if they are not satisfied that an adequate standard of pitch is being maintained, including but not limited to the Board commissioning an independent report on the state of the pitch. The cost of the independent report to be borne by the Club concerned.

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23. CENTENARY AWARDS 23.CENTENARY AWARDS A Club celebrating its centenary whilst in membership of the Competition shal
25. INSURANCE 25.INSURANCE 25.1PLAYERS All Clubs shall be members of a Players personal accident insurance sc

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