League Rules


1.1In these Rules:
“Affiliated Association” means an Association accorded the status of an affiliated Association under the Rules of The FA
“AGM” shall mean the annual general meeting held in accordance with the Articles of the Competition.
“Appointing Authority” means the Competition
“Articles” means the Articles of Association of the Company and reference to a number of following the word “Article” is a reference to an Article so numbered in the “Articles”
“Board” means the Board of Directors of the Company appointed in accordance with the Articles or, in the case of a Competition which is an unincorporated association, the management committee elected to manage the running of the Competition
“Club” means a Club for the time being in membership of the Company (including a Club which has had a transfer of membership approved under Rule 2.7 below)
“Company” means The East Midlands Counties Football League which administers the Competition and shall, where the Competition is an unincorporated entity, include that entity
“Competition” means the East Midlands Counties Football League
“Competition Match” means any match played or to be played under the jurisdiction of the Company
“Competition Office” means the registered Offices or addresses where League business is transacted
“Competition Secretary” means such person or persons appointed or elected to carry out the administration of the Competition
“Contract Player” means any Player (other than a Player on a Scholarship) who is eligible to play under a written contract of employment with a Club
“Criteria Document” means the document entitled “National Ground Grading Document” issued by The FA from time to time and shall, unless stated to the contrary, mean the latest edition of the document
“CVA” shall mean an agreement reached by a Club under a Company Voluntary Arrangement (under the Insolvency Act 1986) or a Scheme of Arrangement (under the Companies Act 1985 or Companies Act 2006).).
“Day” means any day on which the Competition Office is open for normal business but excluding, unless the Board determines otherwise, a Saturday, a Sunday or a Bank or Public Holiday
[“Embargo” means a ban placed by the Board on a Club in respect of player registrations, as more fully defined in Appendix G]
“Fees Tariff” means a list of fees approved by the Company at a general meeting to be levied by the Company for any matters for which fees are payable under the Rules
“Fines Tariff” means a list of fines approved by the Company at a general meeting to be levied by the Company for any breach of the Rules
“Football Creditor" means any one of the following:
• The Football Association Limited
• Any Club affiliated with an Affiliated Association
• Any League sanctioned by The Association or an Affiliated Association
• Any full time or part time employee of a Club, or former full time or part time employee of a Club, in respect of sums due to such person by way of arrears of remuneration or expenses. This excludes for these purposes all and any claims for redundancy, unfair or wrongful dismissal or other claims arising out of the termination of the contract or in respect of any period after the actual date of termination
• The Professional Footballers’ Association Limited
• The Football Foundation
• Any Affiliated Association
• Any pension scheme or plan administered by or on behalf of the Competition
“Ground” means the ground on which the Club’s first team plays its Competition fixtures.
“Insolvency Event” means any one of the following:
(a) entering into a Company Voluntary Arrangement pursuant to Part 1 of the Insolvency Act 1986 (“the 1986 Act”) or a compromise or arrangement with its creditors under Part 26 of the Companies Act 2006 or any compromise agreement with its creditors as a whole; or
(b) lodging a Notice of Intention to Appoint an Administrator or Notice of Appointment of an Administrator at the Court in accordance with paragraph 26 or paragraph 29 of Schedule B1 to the 1986 Act, an application to the Court for an Administration Order under paragraph 12 of Schedule B1 to the 1986 Act or where an Administrator is appointed or an Administration Order is made in respect of it (“‘Administrator” and “Administration Order” having the meanings attributed to them respectively by paragraphs 1 and 10 of Schedule B1 to the 1986 Act); or
(c) an Administrative Receiver (as defined by section 251 of the 1986 Act), a Law of Property Act Receiver (appointed under section 109 of the Law of Property Act 1925) or any Receiver appointed by the Court under the Supreme Court Act 1981 or any other Receiver is appointed over any assets which, in the opinion of the Board, are material to the Club’s ability to fulfil its obligations as a member of the League; or
(d) shareholders passing a resolution pursuant to section 84(1) of the 1986 Act to voluntarily wind up; or
(e) a meeting of creditors is convened pursuant to section 95 or section 98 of the 1986 Act; or
(f) a winding up order is made by the Court under section 122 of the 1986 Act or a provisional liquidator is appointed under section 135 of the 1986 Act; or
(g) ceasing or forming an intention to cease wholly or substantially to carry on business save for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation or otherwise in accordance with a scheme of proposals which have previously been submitted to and approved in writing by the Board; or
(h) being subject to any insolvency regime in any jurisdiction outside England and Wales which is analogous with the insolvency regimes detailed in (a) to (g) above; and/or
(i) have any proceeding or step taken or any court order in any jurisdiction made which has a substantially similar effect to any of the foregoing.
“Long Term Loan” means a loan transfer in excess of 93 days of a Player who is a qualifying Player within the terms of the Rules
“Match Officials” means the referee, the assistant referees and any fourth official appointed to a Competition Match
“Membership Year” means the period in each calendar year from the holding of one annual general meeting of the Company to the holding of the next annual general meeting
“National League System” means the system of competitions controlled by the FA where promotion and relegation links exist between participating Leagues
“Non Contract Player” means any Player (other than a Player on a Scholarship) who is eligible to play for a Club but has not entered into a written contract of employment
“Officer” means an individual who is required to make an Owners’ and Directors’ Declaration by the FA
“Owners’ and Directors’ Declaration” means a declaration to The FA required from an Officer from time to time
“Paid in Full” shall mean when a Club has either
• paid (in cleared funds) to the supervisor of its CVA or its administrator, sufficient funds to pay all its creditors in full (100p in the £) and to cover the costs of the CVA or the administration and confirmation of this fact has been received in writing from the supervisor/administrator; or
• paid (in cleared funds) sufficient to settle in full (100p in the £) any debts owed to creditors outside a CVA
“Player” means any Contract Player, Non Contract Player or other Player who plays or who is eligible to play for a Club
“Players’ Agent” means a person who, for reward, represents, negotiates on behalf of, advises or otherwise acts for a Principal in the context of either the transfer of a Player’s registration, the terms of a contract between a Player and a Club or the terms of a contract between a manager and a Club
“Playing Season” means the period between the date on which the first league fixture in the Competition is played each year until the date on which the last league fixture in the Competition is played. For Clubs participating in play off matches this does include the period when play off matches are played
“Play Off Position” means the position of a Club in the table at the end of each Playing Season which is provided for in Rule 13 as qualifying the Club to take part in a play off match to qualify for promotion to the next step of football for the next Playing Season
“Principal” means a Club, a manager, an official of a Club, or a Player employing an Agent for one of the purposes set out in the definition of Agent above
“Rules” means these rules under which the Competition is administered
“Satisfied” shall mean that a creditor has consented, and provided evidence of such, to accept a sum in full and final settlement of its debt from a Club. For the avoidance of doubt, a vote to approve a Company Voluntary Arrangement (‘CVA’) by the creditors of a Club, held in accordance with Insolvency Law in operation from time to time, shall deem those debts admitted to the CVA as being Satisfied. The Board shall determine at its absolute discretion whether an amount is Satisfied under the Rules.
“Scholar” means a player aged sixteen or over who has signed a Scholarship with a Premier League or Football League Club or licensed Football Conference Club, and who has completed a registration form for Scholars in accordance with FA Rules and Regulations
“Scholarship” means a Scholarship as set out in Rule C 3 (a) (i) of the Rules of the FA
“Short Term Loan” means a loan transfer for a period of no fewer than 28 days and no more than 93 days in any one season
“Secured” shall mean that one of the following legally recognised undertakings has been provided for the payment of the specified sum in full by the AGM at the end of the Playing Season in which the transfer of membership takes place:
(i) A solicitor’s undertaking for the full amount outstanding;
(ii) A bank guarantee is held for the full amount outstanding;
In each case to be paid and satisfied in full by no later than the AGM at the end of the Playing Season in which the transfer took place.
The Board shall determine at its absolute discretion whether an amount is Secured or Satisfied under the Rules.
“Significant Interest” means the holding and/or possession of the legal or beneficial interest
in, and/or the ability to exercise the voting rights applicable to, shares or other securities in
the Club which confer in aggregate on the holder(s) thereof ten (10) per cent or more of the total voting rights exercisable in respect of the Shares of any class of Shares of the Club. All or part of any such interest may be held directly or indirectly or by contract including, but not
limited to, by way of membership of any group that in the opinion of the Board are acting in concert, and any rights or powers held by an Associate (as defined in the Rules of The FA Challenge Cup) shall be included for the purposes of determining whether an interest or interests amounts to a “Significant Interest”
“SSAP” means a sporting sanctions appeal panel to be appointed to determine an appeal against a deduction of points under Rule 14
“Team Sheet” means a form provided by the Competition referred to in Rule 8.11.1
“The FA” means The Football Association Limited
“Work Experience Player” means a Player whose registration is held by a competition other than the Competition and is registered under a Scholarship. The Club taking the Player on work experience will register the Player Non Contract with a league in which they take part to fulfill the football element of the Scholarship, not the educational part
“written” or “in writing” means the representation or reproduction of words or symbols or other information in a visible form by any method or combination of methods, whether sent or supplied in electronic form or otherwise
1.2 Words or expressions used in these Rules shall, if not inconsistent with the subject or context, bear the same meanings as in the Articles
1.3 All Clubs shall adhere to the Rules. Every Club shall be deemed, as a member of the Company to have accepted the Rules and to have agreed to abide by the decisions of the Board in relation thereto, subject to the provisions of Rule 17
1.4 The Competition will be known as the East Midlands Counties Football League (or such other name as the Company may adopt). The Clubs participating in the Competition must be members of the Company. A Club which ceases to exist or which ceases to be entitled to play in the Competition for any reason whatsoever shall thereupon automatically cease to be a member of the Company
1.5 The administration of the Competition under these Rules will be carried out by the Company acting (save where otherwise specifically mentioned herein) through the Board in accordance with the Rules Regulations and Practices of The FA
1.6 The Company shall be part of the National League System and shall sign such documents as are required from time to time to confirm such membership.

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