League Cup Rules

2018-19 League cup Rules

1. The Competition shall be held annually and shall be open to members of the East Midlands Counties Football League only. It will be compulsory for all teams in the League to participate in the Competition.

2. The annual fee for entering will be £30.

3. The teams shall be drawn in pairs with the first named team up to the

semi-final having the choice of ground. The semi-final and final ties will be played on neutral grounds and on dates to be fixed by the Management Committee.

4. a) The grounds for the semi-final and final ties shall be determined by the Fixtures Secretary; the proceeds of such matches after payment of expenses will be retained by the League.

b) Each member club shall place their ground and facilities at the disposal of the Management a maximum of two games per season. Clubs not so doing will be dealt with as the Management Committee sees fit.

5. Match officials will be appointed by the League Referees Secretary and fees and expenses for games will be as for League matches. In the final tie the referee and assistant referees will receive trophies in lieu of fees. A reserve official may be appointed for semi-final and final matches for whom the League will notify the appropriate fee, expenses will be paid at the normal rate.

6. Trophies will be awarded to the winners and the losing finalists.

7. a) Players must be registered by the League and normal League registration rules will apply.

b) No player shall play in the semi-final or final tie for any team who has been registered with that club for less than 28 days. Any team in breach of this rule will be dealt with as per rule 7(d) below.

c) No player will be allowed to play in this competition for more than one team in the same playing season.

d) A club playing an ineligible player shall be ruled out of the competition and be fined according to the fines tariff. If the club concerned were the winners of the match the offended side will be reinstated into the competition.

8. In all matches up to but not including the semi-final if a result has not been established after 90 minutes then the match will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark as per the Laws of the Game.

9. In semi-final and final matches if there is no result after 90 minutes then extra time of 15 minutes each way will be played. If there is still no result then the match will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark, as per the Laws of the Game.

10. a) The net receipts of matches except for semi-final and final ties, after the payment of allowable expenses shall be divided between the two teams. If match receipts do not meet the costs, then the two clubs shall be equally responsible for the payment of half the balance.

b) Allowable expenses are as follows: 1) Match officials’ expenses 2) Police expenses to a maximum of £25.

c) In semi-final and final ties the League will compensate the hosting club for the cost of the use of floodlights to a maximum of £30.

10. Except as covered above all matches will be governed by normal League rules.

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